The Relationship of Drug Information Services and Patient’s Adherence in Hypertension Therapy in Beru Community Health Center, Sikka.

  • Maria Hazelelponi Pare Universitas Citra Bangsa


Hypertension is a chronic disease that requires patient’s adherence in the treatment to achieve a controlled blood pressure. Drug information services is a part of the clinical pharmacy service standards at the community health center that plays a role in increasing patient’s health literacy in drugs and diseases. One of the drug information given is information about drug’s indication that is aimed to improve patient’s adherence. The goal of the study is to determine the relationship of drug information services and patient’s adherence in hypertension therapy at Beru community health center, Sikka from May 28th – June 28th 2019. This type of research is bivariate correlation. The population in this study is all hypertensive patients with antihypertensive drug at Beru community health center, Sikka from May 28th – June 28th 2019. The sampling technique used is total sampling and the number of the sample is 42. Data collection using with checklist and questionnaires at the same time. Data analysis result used in this research is kendall's tau. The result showed that there is a significant relationship between drug information services and the adherence in hypertensive patients at Beru community health center, Sikka from        May 28th - June 28th 2019, with a p value = 0.031 (p < 0.05). Correlation coefficient value        r = 0.312 that shows a positive relationship, which is the increase of drug information sevices is associated with the increase of adherence in hypertensive patients but the relationship is weak.   Keywords: Relationship, drug information services, adherence, hypertension


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